Hypnobari – Combining shibari and erotic hypnosive to create an explosive mix of physical and mental play.

Many texts on erotic hypnosis cover hypnobondage. Using hypnosis as a restraint is fairly popular. It’s easy, you don’t have to study rope, you don’t even need to bring rope. No need to bring gags either. As much fun as this can be, this is not what this booklet is about. With hypnobari, we don’t use hypnosis INSTEAD of bondage, we use hypnosis AND (rope) bondage.

Why would we do that? Shibari (as in more or less authentic Japanese bondage) is a very intimate, process oriented way of tying. It’s communication with rope. And, of course, it is hot as hell. So is erotic hypnosis, and our guess is that 1+1 would in this case be more than 2. Maybe more than 3.

The booklet is not meant as a full text book on erotic hypnosis, rather it provides the bare minimum of information to hypnotise your partner and on how to combine shibari and hypnosis. It also provides a number of fun scenario’s for play and some technique for using hypnosis to enhance your performance as a rigger. It does not contain information on shibari itself and we recommend you study both shibari and hypnosis in more detail.