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Budapest 2010

Last year we did two extensive shoots in Budapest that can be found elsewhere on this blog. This year, we returned to Budapest, and although we didn’t plan to do another shoot, we couldn’t resist this very cute little castle tower. We hadn;tseen people all day so we figued it was safe. But we had just started taking picturs when two German tourists arrived on the scene. Foryunately they didn’t seem to mind our “arty pictures” and with a wink-wink-nudge-nudge they climbed on to the top and stayed there until we finished. And well, they ARE arty pictures, aren’t they?

For the whole gallery, click here

Rope bondage for DMs

I´ve recently updated/finalised and illustrated my (draft) article on rope bondage for Dundeon Monitors and released it under a creative commons by-nc-nd license. I hope this article can contribute towards the education of dungeon monitors who don´t have very advanced skills in rope bondage but still have to guarantee the safety of increasingly complex rope scenes.

The article addresses issues such as

  • equipment
  • assessing the rigger and the bunny
  • assessing the scene
  • assessing the bondage
  • assessing floorwork and suspension positions
  • intervening in a rope bondage scene
  • assisting with untying in emergencies

The article may be used and reproduced in unmodified form on a non-commercial basis (training staff of commercial clubs is okay as far as I am concerned, just don’t ask money for the article or put it on a pay site). The article will remain a work in progress, so there might be future updates, so if you redistribute or republish the article, please include the link to my site so that people always have access to the latest version.

You can find the article here

Jeanny, komm, come on Steh auf bitte (Showboat July 2010)

Last Friday I did my first show with pluu at the Showboat. Our previous shows there were rigged by pluu with other girls as models, so for me it was the first time there. It was probably the show we practiced most so far. The main progression was basically the same as with the show we did in Groningen earlier this year but with a more dramatic ending: instead of getting pluu back on her feet at the end of the show, I now one by one removed all suspension ropes, gently letting her down. Which was also a first-timer for us. It’s a little scary at first to lower someone without any mechanical aides.

As often at the showboat, we had a little story to tell with our show. We really wanted to do our show with different music than the last few shows, and somehow we had gotten into german langage music. Pluu had wanted to use Die Toten Hosen’s “Paradies” for a long time, because she like to kick and move a lot while suspended, and thinking about it I had come with Falco’s Jeanny and Apocalyptica’s Helden. So now had “serial killer ties up girl” as a theme and we only needed a few more songs for the intro.


    Marilyn Manson – The Dope Show
    Apocalyptica – The Unforgiven
    Die Toten Hosen – Paradies
    Falco – Jeanny
    Apocalyptica feat. Till Lindemann – Helden


So here’s the story we did. Girls drinks spiked cola and gets a little dizzy. Being spaced out she lets herself being tied (Music: Dope Show / The Unforgiven). While sitting in the first suspension, Die Toten Hosen kick in with Paradies, and we turn Pluu around to a horizontal face-down position and, waking up from the drugs – she gets to kick a bit. And I get to cane her with my cane-in-a-cane (a walking cane Pluu made for me with a rotan cane inside).

Pluu in a brilliant – but probably unnoticed and not practiced move – managed to kick out one of her shoes (hinting at the later ” Wo ist dein Schuh, du hast ihn verloren”) from Jeanny. Towards the end, I change the position slightly with an ankle tied high up to support her later on, while Pluu gets more quiet. Yes, I was happy Pluu kicked off the right shoe 🙂

Then Jeanny starts and in two steps I change Pluu’s position to vertical. Pluu now plays dead while I lower her to the floor and and on the intro of Helden (a David Bowie cover by Apocalyptica and the singer of Rammstein) I place a red rose on her “corpse” and walk away.

One downside, it was pretty warm for wearing a suit, a hat and sunglasses, but hey, with my eyes out of sight I might even have disguised my shabby acting skills enough to look good on the pictures for a change 🙂

Click on the picture below for a full gallery!

The shows ending / Photo ?


As I’m currently enrolled in a first aid course, this video immediately go my attention. What everybody should know, for when things go really bad, presented in a much more attention drawing fashion than a regular first aid course…

Super Sexy CPR from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.

LFAJB! (part 3 – Sunday & Monday)

Kinoko Hajime @ LFAJB

Sunday we started by taking over Marc’s classes. We had discussed with Esinem that we were going to do partial suspension, which was dropped from the saturday. However, our audience didn’t completely agree. On the one hand we had people who had taken our introduction class on saturday and would like to go beyond that, on the other hand, Esinem forgot to change the schedule, so that many people were expecting a hands on beginners class. We really didn’t feel like teaching an introduction again as they are very intense to teach. In the end – and after some discussion – we settled on “we’ll do one partial suspension instead of two or three and we’ll do the harness step by step”. That way everyone could benefit from the workshop.

In the afternoon we took a few classes ourselves. Esinem taught classes on speed tying and perfomance bondage, Zamil about suspension transitions. Area’s we’re not experts in, so that was very interesting. Kinoko  did an interesting presentation on “Old style shibari” and how that was less safe than modern techniques.

Show by / Photo: Ligatio

Then we went home. Our show had been rescheduled from 23.30 to 23.00 so we kind of had to hurry with getting some food. In the end our show got postponed again a couple of seconds before we were supposed to go on stage. We had to wait for about hour after which our build up adrenaline had drained away and tiredness had set in. The performance in itself went well, and especially the models were great in their “catfight”, which was remembered by several people te next day. We watched several of the other performances. Dasnya was really cool, and Kinoko’s second show was great too (GALLERY HERE). All together it was a great night, however, we believe some of the choices the stage manager made didn’t make much sense.


After a good night’s sleep, the monday was an excellent day for chilling, packing up pluu’s store room and chat a little with some of the participants. We took the hojojutsu class, which was fun, doing something in a very different style than the other classes, and the tantra class. But we skipped most of the other things like kimono tying, and the travelogue by nawashi murakawa. Instead we just hung out with some people, talking about reconstructing some of the Kinoko ties, and we assisted Mack in hanging Laura from the balcony, a plan he had come up with earlier, but for which we hadn’t had the time yet.

All in all it was a great weekend. It was good hanging out with so many rope people of all levels, great teaching so many people new to rope, and we really learned a couple of things ourselves that are valuable additions to our skills.

LFAJB! (part 2 – Friday & Saturday)

Kinoko Hajime @ LFABJB


We travelled to London on Thursday morning, so we started of with a quiet afternoon in London and getting settled. We travelled tgether with Mack and Laura, one of our models for our show. Rave (our other model) had travelled to London a day earlier with Akahige (translating for Kinoko at the festival), Nadine and Arnoud. Until the opening of the art night we had some time for sightseeing, but unfortunately a lot of shops were closed on (Good) Friday.

The festival took place at the Resistance Gallery. Its atmoshere and audience had a squat-like

Shadow & Felix

atmosphere, very relaxed, friendly people, well furnished with two suspension frames of which one was on stage. The ideal night to take a look around and get familiar with the location. And to shoot some pictures. Pluu also set up her shop, so people would be able to buy ropes & other gear at the venue.

There were a few shows planned on the opening night. Esinem did a wonderfull show with his dancing lady. Shadow & Felix gave a very expressive performance, and, of course, Hajime Kinoko did a wonderful performance (GALLERY HERE).

We didn’t stay for too long after the shows, as we knew we were going to be teaching in early on saturday, and we wanted to take the photography class by Rod McDonald ourselves.


Maleficent Martini

On saturday we took the photography class by Rod McDonald, who did an excellent presentation on using light in bondage photography. I hope to use some of the ideas I got during the workshop soon in a new shoot. After that, we did the introduction to japanese style bondage workshop, which was – as usual – fun, but very intense. I really like teaching people the first basic ties, but it is very intense showing everything step by step. The workshop went fine though, with Rave as an additional model, giving pluu the opportunity to walk around and assist people. My English also was better than I had expected. Unfortunately, Kinoko was teaching at the same time, so we missed his chest harnesses workshop. However, someone took pictures and video of it, so hopefully we will be able to reproduce it anyway.

In the afternoon we participated in Zamil’s workshop, who taught a Tasuki in an authentic Japanese style. Very interesting, and a valuable addition to our repertoire. Also, Shadow did a workshop on self-suspension which was fun to watch, even though not something I’ll be trying soon.

Finally, we got word that Jess of BeShibari had fallen ill, so she and Marc had to cancell their classes. Dasniya Sommers took over on saturday, and we offered to take over Marc’s partial suspension classes, shifting them to the sunday morning. That meant another early start, but we weren’t planning on going to subversion, so we got home pretty early.

In a few days, I’ll post more about the Sunday & Monday.

LFAJB! (part 1)

Well, we’re in London! Tomorrow we’re gonna do some tourist stuff first, and then, at seven p.m. we’re going to the resistance gallery for the first night. The appartment;s goot wi-fi, so I’ll try to blog a little during or shortly after the festival. I think taking pictures is allowed, so maybe even illustrated if the mini-laptop is able to eat the camera’s memory card 🙂


Last week we did a bondage show at a “kinky” student party in Groningen. The audience was largely vanilla, so it was fun to see how they would react to our show and pluu’s booth with kinky toys from her webshop. Fortunately, they really seemed to like the show. In a way, I think they were actually paying more attention than the audience at fetish or BDSM parties, probably because they were seeing it for the first time.

There were even a few people with serious questions afterwards, like if it hurts, and if we do this in our bedroom too. We also offered people to experience bondage themselves, but if there were any people interested, I think they didn’t dare to ask, for except one of the organisers, no-one volunteered 🙂

Gallery of the show: Colour

Creative Commons & Rope Bondage for DM’s

Well, haven’t had much time for blogging this month, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything. We’ve got several shows coming up in the near future so we’ve been working on a few new concepts for that. First, next month we will be doing a show at a student party in Groningen. They’re holding their annual ” Kinky Party” and one of the students got the idea to spice up the paty with a bondage act. The audience will be mainly vanilla, so I’m looking forward to the repsonses there. And then, of course, there is the London festival in early April, so we’re busy finding a place to stay, deciding which train to take, etcetera. And with thinking about the workshops and shows. I’m really looking forward to the festival, and finally meeting a lot of the English people from the bondage scene we haven’t met yet, and seeing Zamil again.

Finally, we’ve been working hard on the Dropje & Vode Photoshoot (part 1 now online) and I’ve been doing a photoshoot with Aurelia, that’s now ready for a future update.

Creative Commons

I’ve decided to shift the copyright policy for our bondage articles. To be honest, I’ve been annoyed with all the crap about bondage online for years. Recently I joined a fetlife group for shibari in one of the American states and I saw that group was being filled with articles that a) were copyrighted material and b) full of shit. Pointing out both of these characteristics got be banned from the group by the way :-). This set me thinking again. A lot of people just copy what’s there, or write what they know (or think they know) becasue there isn’t much available. I know only a handful of really good introductions to bondage safety, and these are more often than not pretty hard to find and copyrighted.

So, I’ve decided to license the articles on rope and bondage safety from under a creative commons license (by-nc-nd). I’ve been considering such a move in the past – I’m a strong supporter of concepts like creative commons and open source, but up till now, I’ve always felt that I wanted to be able to change the articles, or add to them, as my own knowledge increased. But to be honest, they’ve been pretty stable over the last three years or so. So I’ve included a link (that may not be removed) pointing to a place on the net where I will continue to keep the most recent version, and from now on they may be copied and republished for non-commercial use as long as we’re credited and the articles are not changed. The most recent versions will be available from I intend to use this construction for future articles as well.

Rope Bondage for DM’s

Another big project I’ve been working on is an article that has been nagging at me for at least a year and a half: Rope bondage for DM’s: how to monitor a bondage scene when you can’t tie yourself. When we did our workshop “Rope bondage emergencies” at the Rope Bondage Camping Weekend 2008, we were asked by a friend who is also a DM at a TNG group what she could do in case of a suspension emergency. We incorporated some advise into that workshop and that went rather well. But it got me thinking. There’s a lot of DM’s in Netherlands that know little about rope bondage, sometimes with quite outdated safety knowledge, while advanced bondage and suspension is strongly on the rise. I felt that it would be good if there would be an article with bondage knowledge specifically for DM’s. And spent part of my Xmas-holiday writing it. I have a first draft ready, and publised it at for people to read it, and scrutinise it. It’s a draft, and I haven’t yet released it under a Creative Commons license, but I will do so in the future, when I’m sure this is it – which will also be the time to translate the article into Dutch. Finally, someone has offered to shoot picture to illustrate the article. For now, you can read it, and if you think it’s useful, you can use it. And of course, you can comment on it (you will be credited if I use them!).

how to monitor a bondage scene when you can’t tie yourself


Pluu’s webshop is now open! For BDSM-toys, bondage rope (hemp, jute & hempex), metal bondage accessories  (like hooks and rings) and fetish clothing, you can now order from Niet-Lief. The shop now also has a special “pink”collection.  An international version of the shop is expected somewhere around march, but if you can read Dutch, you can already order.