5-day professional workshop with Hajime Kinoko (3)

We survived another day of workshops.  The third day Kinoko started with two very cool variations on yoko tsuri (sideway suspension), one with the foot to the back and then lifted upwards, one with a straight leg going up. After that we used yesterdays suspensions for a lesson in transitions, going from the p[ostman suspension to the suspended hogtie without touching the ground. The third part was more new stuff, with a harness that has the arms parallel (like in a dragonfly sleeve), but mixed with chestwrapwhich makes it possible to suspend from it. He also attached a slightly different hip support to the lower wraps and then progressed into a suspension with the arms pointing upwards, much like in a strappado.  Cool, but a lot of new information to process!


Tonight we plan to partcipate in the evening workshop as well. How chances do you get to learn this much!  So maybe I will update this post later tonight.

Update: Evening was fun. Bondage was fairly simple, a crotch rope progressing into a face up partial suspension. Pluu and I also got to practice on a spanish lady. Fun part was, when I had the partial suspension ready and was pulling on the ropes to give the girl some more pleasure, Kinoko cam up to me and told me to sit on my knees between her legs and make-pretend fucking movements (hmmm… I justMET the lady, remember)… and then he showed how to do it like the Japanese do, face straight up, eyes looking down. So now I know how to fuck-pretend in Japanese :-). After the workshop, pluu could practice some of the advanced class stuff on the lady and got a big compliment from Kinoko for her work!

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