5-day professional workshop with Hajime Kinoko (2)

Just a quick note-to-self. Today we started by doing the 3R-TK and hip-harness again with another inspection by Hajime Kinoko.  After that we practiced two suspensions – a “postman” suspension – with one leg in front, one leg behind, which he said was a classic “running away” pose and a gyaku-ebi tsuri, a suspended hogtie. The practice included lots of tips on the precise positioning of body parts and ropes, how to make your bondage more pretty, and a very different way to attach a suspension rope to a harness.  And Kinoko really takes the time to take a look at your work and give personal feedback. Way cool! At the the end there was some time left, so pluu got to practice the 3R-TK on me and also got it checked by Kinoko.

Tonight we plan to hang out at schwelle 7 and maybe watch alittle of the evening workshop.

Edit! Evening at schwelle 7 was cool too. We didn’t partcipate in the workshop ourselves but just wanted to hang out with the others a little more, but we could watch the group. The level in the evening group is also very high, this was no beginners workshop. Kinoko showed a “self strangulation suspension” (which gets its name from the choke-like arm position, not from any real strangulation). It’s technically rather similar to a Teppo shibari, so I can reproduce it, and when someone asked Vilaine to model for him, I even helped him as he needed somewhat more step-by-step help. After the workshop Kinoko tied a very pretty harness on the girl of one of the Peters, a bit of a mix between a Karada and a Takate Kote, which we had seen on pictures but couldn’t figure out ourselves. Now we could 🙂

Back in the appartment, and with a little too much brandy, Pluu explained to me some basic principles of compositionn in art, which she always assumed I was already familliar with. No, I wasn’t. So that was a final bit of useful information to process before getting a little too less sleep and on to day 3. hoping my head is not going to explode with all the new stuff.

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