Psycho Poodle

Model: -Psycho-

This was a difficult shoot. For quite while, I had been thinking of experimenting with the lighting a bit more. At LFAJB we took the photography class by Rod Macdonald, and one thing that I remembered was experimenting with light rom one side instead of from both sides. So I figured, I’m gonna do a few of those shots, than put both lights on, so that if it doesn’t work, I’ll still have plenty of pictures for the shoot with lihting that I’m used to.

But. Then. One. Lamp. Broke. Down.

And so I had to do the whole shoot with light from one direction, which meant continuously playing with the brightness and the location of that one lamp and the camera settings. In the end, I think it worked out rather well, but it was, well, quite stressful.

Fortunately, the idea of Psycho and her long curly hair with a gasmask was briliant, and so were Akahige’s contributions, – writing on Psycho’s butt, and the final position of Psycho as a real poodle. That worked great, so here’s Psycho Poodle!

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