A Sultry Sunday with Madison Young & Bicon

Two demo’s in about one and a half week!

An evening with Madison Youg

Last month we were very honoured to do a little bondage demo at Madison Young’s movie premiere for “Femmetastic”. As Madison was about six months pregnant at the time she didn’t want to do bondage herself, so the organisation went looking for someone to do some bondage, and through a mutual friend we got in touch. As the event was primarily geared towards women, we decided it would be best if pluu would do the show with a female model. Aurelia couldn’t make it that day, so she went looking for someone else. A few days before, however, it turned out that Aurelia would be able to do the show after all, so that was settled. Then, a day before I got a PM through Fetlife from L.N. (see our shoot for The Word Magazine) that she had heard we were looking for a model, and that she was looking forward to it. So we decided that I would tie her and join in the show as well.

So, in between the movie and Madison’s performance we did our show, and it went really well. Unfortunately, I did miss the photoshoot opportunity with Madison (but we took a quick snapshot later on). Madison, by the way, was very cool and sexy even while visibly pregnant. The movie Femmetastic was an interesting experiment in lesbian porn, and what was really clear was that these were not just women doing it for money, but who were really enjoying the sex and doing the movie.

Too bad we haven’t received any of the pictures of our show yet. We know people took pictures (so if you did, please do send them!)

Holland Bicon

We were also asked to do a bondage performance at Holland BiCon, a festival for bisexuals. A real challenge, because a) the audience would be partly vanilla and b) they didn’t have a suspension point. So we had to figure out a floor show. In the end, we did a decorative harness with crab ties in the back, changing into an agura, a hogtie, some candle work, an ending with some bamboo forcing the butt up so we could stick a candle in the butt 🙂 That way, we hoped it would be interesting enough for the kinky people, but not too shocking for the vanilla’s.

It worked out great, we were especially pleased that some of the kinky people thought it as good as a suspension show, and none of the vanilla’s seemed to be too shocked. Afterwards, we did a 15 minute Q&A with the audience, in which we were able to answer a lot of questions on shibari and kink in general. Great fun!

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