Rope bondage for DMs

I´ve recently updated/finalised and illustrated my (draft) article on rope bondage for Dundeon Monitors and released it under a creative commons by-nc-nd license. I hope this article can contribute towards the education of dungeon monitors who don´t have very advanced skills in rope bondage but still have to guarantee the safety of increasingly complex rope scenes.

The article addresses issues such as

  • equipment
  • assessing the rigger and the bunny
  • assessing the scene
  • assessing the bondage
  • assessing floorwork and suspension positions
  • intervening in a rope bondage scene
  • assisting with untying in emergencies

The article may be used and reproduced in unmodified form on a non-commercial basis (training staff of commercial clubs is okay as far as I am concerned, just don’t ask money for the article or put it on a pay site). The article will remain a work in progress, so there might be future updates, so if you redistribute or republish the article, please include the link to my site so that people always have access to the latest version.

You can find the article here

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