Jeanny, komm, come on Steh auf bitte (Showboat July 2010)

Last Friday I did my first show with pluu at the Showboat. Our previous shows there were rigged by pluu with other girls as models, so for me it was the first time there. It was probably the show we practiced most so far. The main progression was basically the same as with the show we did in Groningen earlier this year but with a more dramatic ending: instead of getting pluu back on her feet at the end of the show, I now one by one removed all suspension ropes, gently letting her down. Which was also a first-timer for us. It’s a little scary at first to lower someone without any mechanical aides.

As often at the showboat, we had a little story to tell with our show. We really wanted to do our show with different music than the last few shows, and somehow we had gotten into german langage music. Pluu had wanted to use Die Toten Hosen’s “Paradies” for a long time, because she like to kick and move a lot while suspended, and thinking about it I had come with Falco’s Jeanny and Apocalyptica’s Helden. So now had “serial killer ties up girl” as a theme and we only needed a few more songs for the intro.


    Marilyn Manson – The Dope Show
    Apocalyptica – The Unforgiven
    Die Toten Hosen – Paradies
    Falco – Jeanny
    Apocalyptica feat. Till Lindemann – Helden


So here’s the story we did. Girls drinks spiked cola and gets a little dizzy. Being spaced out she lets herself being tied (Music: Dope Show / The Unforgiven). While sitting in the first suspension, Die Toten Hosen kick in with Paradies, and we turn Pluu around to a horizontal face-down position and, waking up from the drugs – she gets to kick a bit. And I get to cane her with my cane-in-a-cane (a walking cane Pluu made for me with a rotan cane inside).

Pluu in a brilliant – but probably unnoticed and not practiced move – managed to kick out one of her shoes (hinting at the later ” Wo ist dein Schuh, du hast ihn verloren”) from Jeanny. Towards the end, I change the position slightly with an ankle tied high up to support her later on, while Pluu gets more quiet. Yes, I was happy Pluu kicked off the right shoe 🙂

Then Jeanny starts and in two steps I change Pluu’s position to vertical. Pluu now plays dead while I lower her to the floor and and on the intro of Helden (a David Bowie cover by Apocalyptica and the singer of Rammstein) I place a red rose on her “corpse” and walk away.

One downside, it was pretty warm for wearing a suit, a hat and sunglasses, but hey, with my eyes out of sight I might even have disguised my shabby acting skills enough to look good on the pictures for a change 🙂

Click on the picture below for a full gallery!

The shows ending / Photo ?

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