LFAJB! (part 3 – Sunday & Monday)

Kinoko Hajime @ LFAJB

Sunday we started by taking over Marc’s classes. We had discussed with Esinem that we were going to do partial suspension, which was dropped from the saturday. However, our audience didn’t completely agree. On the one hand we had people who had taken our introduction class on saturday and would like to go beyond that, on the other hand, Esinem forgot to change the schedule, so that many people were expecting a hands on beginners class. We really didn’t feel like teaching an introduction again as they are very intense to teach. In the end – and after some discussion – we settled on “we’ll do one partial suspension instead of two or three and we’ll do the harness step by step”. That way everyone could benefit from the workshop.

In the afternoon we took a few classes ourselves. Esinem taught classes on speed tying and perfomance bondage, Zamil about suspension transitions. Area’s we’re not experts in, so that was very interesting. Kinoko  did an interesting presentation on “Old style shibari” and how that was less safe than modern techniques.

Show by Touwtjes.tk / Photo: Ligatio

Then we went home. Our show had been rescheduled from 23.30 to 23.00 so we kind of had to hurry with getting some food. In the end our show got postponed again a couple of seconds before we were supposed to go on stage. We had to wait for about hour after which our build up adrenaline had drained away and tiredness had set in. The performance in itself went well, and especially the models were great in their “catfight”, which was remembered by several people te next day. We watched several of the other performances. Dasnya was really cool, and Kinoko’s second show was great too (GALLERY HERE). All together it was a great night, however, we believe some of the choices the stage manager made didn’t make much sense.


After a good night’s sleep, the monday was an excellent day for chilling, packing up pluu’s store room and chat a little with some of the participants. We took the hojojutsu class, which was fun, doing something in a very different style than the other classes, and the tantra class. But we skipped most of the other things like kimono tying, and the travelogue by nawashi murakawa. Instead we just hung out with some people, talking about reconstructing some of the Kinoko ties, and we assisted Mack in hanging Laura from the balcony, a plan he had come up with earlier, but for which we hadn’t had the time yet.

All in all it was a great weekend. It was good hanging out with so many rope people of all levels, great teaching so many people new to rope, and we really learned a couple of things ourselves that are valuable additions to our skills.

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    • Clover on April 25, 2010 at 01:44

    Great blog about the festival, it was a wonderful weekend 🙂 Love the images you managed to capture of the weekend. Great performance too.

    Well done

    X x

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