Ernie’s revenge

DSC_2220Well, we all know how Evil Bert is at the center of everything that’s bad, don’t we? Well, here’s Ernies Revenge!

Pluu had bought these dolls as a birthday gift for her sister, who is mentally disabled. They were really huge and flexible, and full of opportunities, so I soon decided I would take a picture for a thread on SamariuM where people show their favourite dolls/teddy bears/etc. At first I planned on making Bert the rigger/bad guy, but a friend (Nichi – of Tickled Kink, see “Other Blogs”) suggested it would be more fun to make Ernie the bad guy this time. Great idea!
The first shots I did were the ones with Bert in a sideway suspension and Ernie sitting on top of him. These worked out so well, that I decided to do a whole shoot with my two little friends, and so a few other suspensions and some floorwork followed. The pictures aren’t all perfect, but in some Ernies big-grin-expression works really well. The ballgag, by the way, is a normal for-human-subbies ballgag, to get an idea of the size of the dolls. The rope too is ordinary 6mm synthetics.
At the end of the gallery, at pluu’s suggestion, three pictures are repeated with a text balloon. In the comments on this article, feel free to share your thoughts on what Ernie’s saying here – it’s likely to start with something like “Hey, hey Bert…”

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