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Photo: Sarah Eechaut

— We were invited to
capture the after-hours
of a bondage session,
not for leftovers but to
get a sense of the fl esh
marks left by the ropes.
We’ve gone through our
fair share of physical
pain – both called and
uncalled for – and never
did we imagine that it
could be captured in such
a sensual manner.
Photography Sarah Eechaut
(The Word Magazine, volume 02 — issue 05)

Last month pluu & I were asked to do a photoshoot for a Belgian expat magazine  called The Word: Neighbourhood Life + Global Style (available for free in Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Leuven, Knokke, and several hotels. For their Japan issue they were interested in some pictures, not so much of bondage, but of ropemarks and the model knew our site. Could we produce some ropemarks? Yes we can 🙂

In the end, pluu couldn’t make it as the shoot needed to be done within a few days to make the deadline. So I took a day off from work to go to Antwerp with the model, where we would be doing the shoot in the house of some of the models’ friends. A house with big wooden beams, so we could do a bit of suspension. Handy, because a) the model wás interested in getting some bondage pics as well, and b) what better to guarantee  ropemarks than a bit of hanging…

After getting there somewhat late (traffic, walking around looking for the address as were it a Next Top Model go-see and the model getting a ticket for jaywalking because she didn’t recognise the Belgian police officer), it turned out an interesting shoot. The house had great opportunities for the shoot, the model enjoyed it, and so did the photographer, who got, after all, the ropemarks she wanted to shoot.

In the end, she did sent the magazine a few of the bondage pics as well, but only the ropemarks were used. But for those who are also interested in “the making of”, here’s a little view behind the scenes.

  • See the gallery (thanks to Sarah & L.N.)
  • Visit The Word (Magazine also available as a free .pdf download)
  • Visit the photography site of Sarah Eechaut

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