2nd Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage (2)

The website for the second festival of the art of Japanese bondage is online, so now there’s more information available. The festival will take place in The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London from April2 – April 5 2010. On the site there’s also an extensive review of this year’s edition and a growing list of contributors to next year’s festival.

So if you’re interested keep an eye on the site for more details and, when it starts, the ticket sales.

According to the site, plans are for:

  • An arts night on Friday
  • Workshops and tutorials on Saturday & Sunday
  • The main party on Saturday night
  • A “rope free for all with plenty of mats and suspension points, plus plenty of expert guidance on hand”  on Sunday night
  • The most Japanese themed day on Monday, with presentations on Japanese arts and culture and Nawashi Murakawa’s Salon Kinbaku life drawing sessions

Website: http://japaneseropebondage.co.uk

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