(c) Philippe / Guilty

Photo: Philippe, Model: Aukje, Ropes & Edit: Guilty

During the rope bondage camping weekend 2009 we got into a discussion with Aukje, the girlfriend of our event photographer Philippe. Until then Aukje had seemed a pretty quiet and shy girl, so we were all rather surprised when she told us she has a profile on an amateur erotic site. But when she did, the first idea that came to mind was to do little bondage shoot. After all, we had ropes, a model, a photographer, and a BDSM location with a tackle that we could use to do a shoot. That way, we would all get some content.


Photo: Philippe, Model: Aukje, Ropes & Edit: Guilty

We decided to do a lot of positions within a short time, to maximise the variety of pictures within the limited time we had. We started with two full suspensions. The first, a horizontal face down was a little too tough for Aukje, so we quickly changed it into a sitting/face up position. That worked much better. After that we did another three positions: a classic ebi (shrimp tie), a sitting partial suspension with one leg up nd a crab tie, and a lying partial suspension with the hips raised from the crotch rope  – one of the most fun positions I’ve ever seen on, simple but very, very effective. In the gallery, by the way, the order of the positions is mixed up completely to attain a more logical feel.

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