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Last week we did a bondage show at a “kinky” student party in Groningen. The audience was largely vanilla, so it was fun to see how they would react to our show and pluu’s booth with kinky toys from her webshop. Fortunately, they really seemed to like the show. In a way, I think they …

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Creative Commons & Rope Bondage for DM’s


Well, haven’t had much time for blogging this month, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything. We’ve got several shows coming up in the near future so we’ve been working on a few new concepts for that. First, next month we will be doing a show at a student party in Groningen. They’re holding …

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Pluu’s webshop is now open! For BDSM-toys, bondage rope (hemp, jute & hempex), metal bondage accessories¬† (like hooks and rings) and fetish clothing, you can now order from Niet-Lief. The shop now also has a special “pink”collection.¬† An international version of the shop is expected somewhere around march, but if you can read Dutch, you …

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Niet Lief


Pluu is opening a webshop in bdsm toys & fetish clothing in January. The shop will be called “niet lief”, which translates as “not sweet” or “not nice”. For now, the shop will be Dutch, but an international version will likely be released a few months later. Anyway, did you notice the girl in the …

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Spanking material…


Yesterday we did a bondage shoot with Vode & Dropje. As there’s another shoot going online before this one, it might take a while before you can actually see the pics at But we also took a few pics of some spanking material pluu made for her future webshop (which should be online in …

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Getting Old(er) – My last TNG party

Musings on my last TNG party.