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5-day professional workshop with Hajime Kinoko (2)


Just a quick note-to-self. Today we started by doing the 3R-TK and hip-harness again with another inspection by Hajime Kinoko.  After that we practiced two suspensions – a “postman” suspension – with one leg in front, one leg behind, which he said was a classic “running away” pose and a gyaku-ebi tsuri, a suspended hogtie. …

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5-day professional workshop with Hajime Kinoko (1)


Monday Today we started with the 5-day professionals workshop by Hajime Kinoko in Berlin. We had arrived on saturday after a long train ride.  We had no idea what to expect, how many people would be there, what the level of the workshops and the other people was going to be etc. Well, there are …

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A Sultry Sunday with Madison Young & Bicon

Two demo’s in about one and a half week! An evening with Madison Youg Last month we were very honoured to do a little bondage demo at Madison Young’s movie premiere for “Femmetastic”. As Madison was about six months pregnant at the time she didn’t want to do bondage herself, so the organisation went looking …

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Jeanny, komm, come on Steh auf bitte (Showboat July 2010)

The shows ending / Photo ?

Last Friday I did my first show with pluu at the Showboat. Our previous shows there were rigged by pluu with other girls as models, so for me it was the first time there. It was probably the show we practiced most so far. The main progression was basically the same as with the show …

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LFAJB! (part 2 – Friday & Saturday)

Maleficent Martini

Friday We travelled to London on Thursday morning, so we started of with a quiet afternoon in London and getting settled. We travelled tgether with Mack and Laura, one of our models for our show. Rave (our other model) had travelled to London a day earlier with Akahige (translating for Kinoko at the festival), Nadine …

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LFAJB! (part 1)

Well, we’re in London! Tomorrow we’re gonna do some tourist stuff first, and then, at seven p.m. we’re going to the resistance gallery for the first night. The appartment;s goot wi-fi, so I’ll try to blog a little during or shortly after the festival. I think taking pictures is allowed, so maybe even illustrated if …

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Last week we did a bondage show at a “kinky” student party in Groningen. The audience was largely vanilla, so it was fun to see how they would react to our show and pluu’s booth with kinky toys from her webshop. Fortunately, they really seemed to like the show. In a way, I think they …

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2nd Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage (2)

The website for the second festival of the art of Japanese bondage is online, so now there’s more information available. The festival will take place in The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London from April2 – April 5 2010. On the site there’s also an extensive review of this year’s edition and a growing list of …

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2nd Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage April 2-5 2010 London

(c) Lily

Just a brief announcement: The 2nd Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage will be in London April 2-52010. So if you’re interested in 4 days of Japanese Bondage, you might want keep those days free. We weren’t there last year, but they had an excellent line up of riggers then. I’ll keep you updated …

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