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Psycho Poodle

Model: -Psycho-

This was a difficult shoot. For quite while, I had been thinking of experimenting with the lighting a bit more. At LFAJB we took the photography class by Rod Macdonald, and one thing that I remembered was experimenting with light rom one side instead of from both sides. So I figured, I’m gonna do a …

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Last week we did a bondage show at a “kinky” student party in Groningen. The audience was largely vanilla, so it was fun to see how they would react to our show and pluu’s booth with kinky toys from her webshop. Fortunately, they really seemed to like the show. In a way, I think they …

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The Word

Photo: Sarah Eechaut

— We were invited to capture the after-hours of a bondage session, not for leftovers but to get a sense of the fl esh marks left by the ropes. We’ve gone through our fair share of physical pain – both called and uncalled for – and never did we imagine that it could be captured …

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(c) Philippe / Guilty

During the rope bondage camping weekend 2009 we got into a discussion with Aukje, the girlfriend of our event photographer Philippe. Until then Aukje had seemed a pretty quiet and shy girl, so we were all rather surprised when she told us she has a profile on an amateur erotic site. But when she did, …

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A few notes on the “Touwtjes@Budapest”  shoot (august 2009). Pictures (c) For the full gallery, please visit our website. Outdoor The area near Budapest where we spent most of our vacation is nearly ideal for fotoshoots. The Hungarian people go on vacation themselves elsewhere so most of the Pilisz mountains area is rather quiet. …

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