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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! I hope to be blogging a bit more next year! For more Xmas cards click here

In the Barn

Last year, we were on a camping weekend with some people from the Wandering Spirits BDSM forum. It was a great weekend with a BBQ, some sun, a lot of rain (mostly during the BBQ) and a lot of drinks at the campfire, truth or dare, talking booby’s… Also among the guests was a photographer …

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Merry XMas

Gallery with all XMas cards

5-day professional workshop with Hajime Kinoko (5)

Pfew, and that was day 5. Started with another 2 step suspension transition starting with a sideway suspension. Cool, because that´s one I like to start with, but never knew how I could turn it into somethingv else. Second half of the workshop Kinoko told a bit about the spiritual/psychological side of shibari and how …

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5-day professional workshop with Hajime Kinoko (4)

Another busy day.  Started out with a han-behind-the-neck with rope gag. Kinoko doesn´t recommend the harness for suspension but does it anyway (and hence, so did we).  Second part of the afternoon was spent learning a four-part suspensionprogression/transition which was cool to do, but needs a little more practice. Kinoko also had a few tips …

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5-day professional workshop with Hajime Kinoko (3)

We survived another day of workshops.  The third day Kinoko started with two very cool variations on yoko tsuri (sideway suspension), one with the foot to the back and then lifted upwards, one with a straight leg going up. After that we used yesterdays suspensions for a lesson in transitions, going from the p[ostman suspension …

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5-day professional workshop with Hajime Kinoko (2)

Just a quick note-to-self. Today we started by doing the 3R-TK and hip-harness again with another inspection by Hajime Kinoko.  After that we practiced two suspensions – a “postman” suspension – with one leg in front, one leg behind, which he said was a classic “running away” pose and a gyaku-ebi tsuri, a suspended hogtie. …

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LFAJB! (part 3 – Sunday & Monday)

Sunday we started by taking over Marc’s classes. We had discussed with Esinem that we were going to do partial suspension, which was dropped from the saturday. However, our audience didn’t completely agree. On the one hand we had people who had taken our introduction class on saturday and would like to go beyond that, …

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Last week we did a bondage show at a “kinky” student party in Groningen. The audience was largely vanilla, so it was fun to see how they would react to our show and pluu’s booth with kinky toys from her webshop. Fortunately, they really seemed to like the show. In a way, I think they …

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