In the Barn

Photo: Chell

Last year, we were on a camping weekend with some people from the Wandering Spirits BDSM forum. It was a great weekend with a BBQ, some sun, a lot of rain (mostly during the BBQ) and a lot of drinks at the campfire, truth or dare, talking booby’s… Also among the guests was a photographer we’ve known for years, but with whom it somehow never got to an actual photoshoot. But we brought ropes, she brought her camera, and on the campsite was a barn filled with farming equipment. All in all an excellent opportunity do a shoot!

So, with permission of the campsite (thanks chippie) we went in and explored the possibilities of the tractor and other bigger and smaller equipment, including a self-suspension from one of the ceiling beams 🙂

For the full gallery, click here.

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